Snowbird Resort, Wasatch Mountains, Utah.
1965 – 1975.

The Snowbird Master Plan is a plan of bold scale which is studiously modern and American in concept. The plan is composed of an integrated series of multi-level structures which follow the natural contours of the land. These structures provide lodging, commercial space, employee housing, parking and maintenance facilities.

Design Team: Snowbird Design Group, Concepts of Planning and Architecture, Robert Bliss, Architect, Brixen & Christopher, Architects, Jack Smith, Architect; Dan Kiley and Partners, Consulting Landscape Architects, Dan Kiley, Jack Smith, Henry Arnold, Peter Ker Walker, Ian Tyndall; Enteleki, Architecture, Planning, Research, Jack Smith, Partner-in-Charge, Ray Kingston, Architect, Franklin T. Ferguson, Architect, John Perkins, Architect.